Hi there. My name is Stephen. I am a New Media Artist based in Los Angeles California. My specialties include parametric development, light design/ performance and digital fabrication.  My passions lie in real-time applications, multi-media art installations, set design,  projection mapping, motion, arduino and sustainability. I went to school at the University of New Mexico and received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, minoring in Sustainable Studies. 

Through my life I have been reminded time after time, people are stubborn. We limit ourselves to stay within the comfort zone. Most importantly, people do not want to change. They feel safe doing what they already know. Studies about perspective, perception, point of view, and scale have given me hope that this barrier can be broken down.

The human mind is designed to think logically. It translates the environment and sends messages that react to the knowledge we have gained through our education, experiences, family, and friends. But what about what isn't logical? Optical illusions, multi-sensory transitions, real time interaction between objects that begin to take a life of their own, aromas that are unpredictable, immediate change in space. The human mind can be tricked, our 5 basic senses deceived. This is what I want to unlock.

The secret of how design can change someone is a path worth pursuing.  Understanding how people feel, smell, see, hear, or move through a space gives the designer the opportunity to impact choices, inspire change, or even create emotions. These experiences of physical manipulation are the starting point to creating open minded individuals. Potentially, people who are looking for that source of inspiration will change.

Parametric and computational methods enhance the possibilities to change our built environment on a large scale. As a UX designer in the built environment, it is my responsibility to make critical decisions that influence everyday lives. Good design accomplishes these feats behind-the-scenes allowing the user/audience to seamlessly and unconsciously interact with the interface of products, buildings,  entertainment and technology.

Currently I am working as a freelance interactive designer and installation artist while strengthening my skills in Unreal Engine, Rhino 6 and their peripheries.  Feel free to contact me by email, or Facebook. The more creative the project, the better!


1) What’s the point if you are not having fun?
2) Live to find eternal happiness.
3) Find yourself, before you find someone else. If you are not happy with your own life, how can you possibly make someone else happy?
4) Family is important, whether it is relatives or friends. Having someone to talk to, share with, and adventure with creates bonds that will build you as a person.
5) Always travel. It adds new perspectives to life. Beware, if you wait too long to start, you’ll miss the opportunities presented at a young age.
6) Don’t sweat the little things. Life may be long. But it is also too short.
7) Take the right opportunities. Many things come to you in your life, but always look for the best ones. If it feels right, go for it.
8) Follow your dreams. Don’t let anybody tell you cannot do what you want to do.
9 ) Live within capacity. The world we live in is finite. We must learn more renewable ways to survive. This doesn't mean we live with less, but we adapt to coexist.
10) Read, especially for fun. One of the most important things my Mom ever taught me was to read. It is such a powerful tool and it allows you mind to grow.
11) Use your hands. Don’t be afraid to get into it. Getting dirty can be fun.
12) Be smart, but spend money. There is always more to be made.
13) There should be music in your life. It inspires creativity.
14) Learn something new every day. You will always be learning. But once you define what it is you are learning, you will appreciate it more.
15) Take the time to do something for yourself every day. It doesn't have to be long or selfish. Do something that you want to do.
16) Take care of your body, because it is YOUR temple. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep.
17) Everything in moderation. If you do things all the time, it begins to lose its value.
18) Simple can still be just as effective and powerful as complexity. Its all about perspective.
19) Engage your environment. Get involved to make the community or vibes better.
20) Listen to people. Everyone is just as fascinating and important as you are. They can be a source for your inspiration.
21) Collaborate. If you try and do things on your own, it would miss at least half of its full potential if you had help.
22) Dance. Best stress relief I think I have ever experienced.
23) Try everything at least once. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.
24) Be original. You should always take some sort of precedent, but make it your own.
25) Don’t be afraid to take chances. Our world is full of exciting things that happen when we put ourselves out there.
26) Embrace emotions. They will tell you about yourself, others, and how you fit into the big picture.
27) Design is life. Do it.