Creating experiences largely depends on how the designer engages with their environments. My projects develop on a theme basis, working within the parameters of each venue. As a freelancer, I have had the opportunity to work with different production crews, giving a unique value to every event.
 Mapping has become my passion. I have found that playing with space and light can have a dramatic effect on a persons' perception of their environment. When paired with music, we have the power to mold emotions, guide people through a story. Activating the surroundings to enhance the experience.
 18"x 18" x 4"  Medium: white matte board, basswood, cardboard, white glue  When I had returned from my travels in Europe in 2011, I had rushed back into school. One of my first projects was to make a map about anything. This was mine.  Each circle represents a city. Every circle has a specific diameter and height. The height shows the length of stay, while the diameter represents the influence each city had on me. The next layer is my way of travel, seen through basswood routes throughout the map. Straight paths represent train travel, curved paths show flights.
Site: Crit Bridge, George Pearl Hall, UNM
Multimedia Installation