First summer in Europe / by Stephen Bontly

So in one week I'm leaving Berlin.

Not really sure what that means. I haven't even started to pack yet. It has been one crazy ride. I don't know if I will miss it.... Max and I traveled to Rotterdam a few weekends back, I really missed it then. The funny part to think about is that  the city's greatest attributes are the ones that scare me the most. To get sucked into the world of art and design is to begin a life of self exploration. How far can you take it? Because in this city, there is no limit. I will leave this crazy world in 6 days. Right as summer is starting, which is the weirdest part to me. Good thing Ill be here for Max's Birthday!

I have been stuck in front of the computer trying to find the skills I need to do my work and its time to hit the pause button. My mind has been so overloaded with information that I haven't stopped to smell the roses. Reflection is key for proper intake of knowledge, and I really want to remember it! Everything from my first show in an underground bar to the after party of the BMVA's needs time to sink in. I don't want to touch a computer! Sadly this won't happen, even on a beach ;-)

I have chosen to live out of a tent for the summer. On a beach. Could be worse. I will camp, use my hammock, read my book, draw, stay fit, swimmmmmmm and hopefully meet some good people. These are things I have longed to do for an extended period of time. I think this will be good for me. The company I will be working for, The Garden, can be found here.  Carrying out simple tasks will be a daily routine, however I hope to get some experience with stage management and production. They don't normally take on outsiders to help, but I believe I was in the right time and place for such an opportunity. 

I will stay in Tisno until the middle of August. Hopefully, then I will know my next step in life..... I guess I'm just trying to live in the present.

Stay tuned World.