When it all starts to come together... the moments that we live for / by Stephen Bontly

Arduino + Touch Designer + Arena + After Effects + Cinema 4D + Grasshopper + Craftsmanship + Projections


You know those moments in life when you feel like everything that you are doing should amount to some ultimate goal? Over the past 9 months I have struggled to know exactly what this meant to me. What is it that I am trying to do? For what reason do I spend most of my time studying, in my room, watching tutorials and brainstorming the most effective and experiential way to express my art? I have gone through countless tips and tricks, through software, though hardware and finally!!! I have discovered the light at the end of the tunnel. It reminds me of final reviews in architecture school. It reminds me of the late nights in studio where I cannot think about anything but making it to the end... just to open the next door in this journey we call life. It also reminds me that things always work out in the end. Oh Berlin is such a harsh mistress.

I can honestly say that I didn't pick the easiest route. But who said that it was ever going to be easy?  There is always a lot of bullshit in between your most productive, happiest and influential moments. It is the middle ground that give us perspective to what is good and bad and allow us to truly appreciate the accomplishments in our world.  As much as we need the best and the worst, understanding what the point is to the ups and downs in life will make you better. This foundation gives you an advantage against this roller coaster. As much as I dislike instability, I feel that it has made stronger. Now, I am prepared.

Today is the first time I don't have to look forward to achieve what I want. That moment when I can create art that can be expressed through technology just might be the epitome of what I want in life. As I grow as a person, I have decided that I must be happy with what I do, otherwise what is the point. I will not focus my time on things that don't matter. My future, wherever it might lead me, can only be a brighter avenue. Through dedication, you can do anything. Seriously.

Stay tuned World.