Custom Visualizations / by Stephen Bontly

collab with  Jvanmo

collab with Jvanmo

Hello again,

Exciting times here in Berlin. Performing live shows, creating visuals on the fly or at home, having control of the atmosphere are all things that make me happy.  I am finally starting to integrate interaction with an audience into my pieces. Projected visuals make it easy for a solo artist to preconceive an experience and create a story live.  

Recently my toolkit has included Resoulme Arena, Adobe (Ps, Ai, Ae), Rhino/Grasshopper, and finally starting to bring in C4D.  Mainly focusing on effects that can be created using Adobe After Effects, I have learned to quickly produce graphic animations and project them live on a surface. I currently operate with 3 DLP projectors with at 1024 X 768 resolution.

The idea of creating digital spaces and giving them a place in reality can be a powerful tool. As I get comfortable in the animation world, along with many talks about film with my roommate, Maxwell Duryea, I am understanding what it means to take a camera into this alternate reality. With my education in 3D space and architecture, it is only a matter of time when I can effectively produce another world anywhere I can find a surface. 

For now I create custom animations for DJ's and event promoters in Berlin. Its interesting where your work takes you as a freelancer. I do what I like to do, always practicing, but always marketing. I think I must be doing it right because I am  getting paid to do this. This is a good feeling.

As always, in the bigger picture, this is only another step in the climb to understanding to how inspire change within ourselves. Visualizations may been a cornerstone of sensory manipulation, but integrating our other senses could possibly create a bigger impact. I truly feel we can only change when we want to, and more importantly, when we have control, you do you.

Stay tuned World.