Where have I been?!! / by Stephen Bontly

It has been quite some time since I have blogged. There is never a dull moment in Berlin. That is my one excuse. I will try not to neglect you as much anymore. Since the holidays have passed, I have been very busy.  Another project has finished, as seen on my feature page, and I am finally back to my normal self. Freelancing, learning, discovering, and most of all experiencing the world around me. 

I have been here for close to 7 months and feel comfortable saying that I will be here until end of the summer, with one exciting detour to  work in Croatia for the festival season.  Events seem to be popping up everyday in the city, not to mention the ones being planned (open air festivals, Berlin Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Love Parade etc.). I am very much looking forward to staying away from my computer during the next 6 months. Isn't that why I came out here? To Explore.

Freelancing has been an interesting journey. From online logo designs for European corporations,  to monthly flyers for local fashion companies and main stage installations for music promoters, Berlin has certainly proved itself to being the place to be in the design world. I continue to freelance doing graphic design and anything else to make an extra buck ;-)

As much as it is the hot spot for creativity, it is not for money. However, I believe its the one place where we can all come together and create something greater than material value. It is here that passion is the driver for success, and it is where we get our value. The most talented people in the world are here.... temporarily. That value is irreplaceable.  

As my skills have developed and my focus narrowed, I find myself progressing into the world of projected visuals. Over the next couple of months I have some exciting projects coming up. Including live visual performances and potentially a live online streamed event. Nevertheless, collaborating with local artists always is enjoying. I hope to post more on this soon.

Wir werden bald sprechen.

Stay tuned World.