Bontly/Duryea Estate Sale / by Stephen Bontly

So, we are two weeks away from leaving and its time to get rid of my shit. Hardest thing I've ever done. Both mentally and physically. If anybody asks, don't have a garage sale in the middle of summer.

I have moved around Albuquerque many times in the past 10 years, having opportunities to downsize what I have. Donating things that I never used or lost interest in. This past week, I narrowed everything that I own down to 120 pounds. Getting rid of essentials such as cooking supplies, toiletries, my snowboard, bike, clothes......................

It is really amazing what the brain gets attached to. How growing up with certain family values makes you appreciate things that in others' minds are worthless. This weekend was my chance for a new start. A way to re-evaluate my own values. 

photo (1).JPG

EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!! Was written all over the place. On signs. On Craigslist. On Facebook.


2 days, 15 hrs of work = 220 bucks, Not a bad haul.

Tomorrow i will take the rest to the Goodwill. It is the beginning of understanding what I need vs what I want. I hope I don't forget anything. 

Stay tuned world. Berlin, Here I come.