What's Next? / by Stephen Bontly

Sooooo, here we go. Ive never done this before. Never had a blog. Never had a website. I guess I finally have something here that I can call my own.

What is next?

On August 25th, I leave everything I have ever known to travel out side of my comfort zone. To leave my friends and family. To Travel even farther away from the girl I love. But to start a new adventure....

I know this isn't goodbye to any of my past. In fact, I look forward to seeing most of my friends out in Germany. Yes, that's where I am going, Berlin....Shit, i don't even know German.

Albuquerque, I will miss you. Its taken me 14 years to say that.... Or is that I finally know that I am leaving.

Over the next 6 weeks I will be packing up, selling things , saying goodbye, and working my heart out to save that one extra dollar.

If you care to keep up with me, all of my contact info is on my page.

Stay tuned world.