Designing for Fashion / by Stephen Bontly

Something that I never would have considered as a field to work in has given me more insight into the professional world. I recently worked with an up-and-coming online clothing company, Machima, to produce a newsletter, advertisements for social media, and webpage content for their Christmas sale.

This experience was one for the books. It gave me an understanding of how businesses work in their environment here in Berlin. The few hours I spent working with the company was enjoyable and I hope to work for them later on in the future.

The rundown: A spacious warehouse in Neukolln, collaborative working areas that allowed for constant communication between co-workers, great team makeup, hip, modern feel, but most importantly, a detachment from work and home. 

As an added obstacle, the workstation I was using was a Mac (I am a PC guy), and all of it was in German! So not only was I under time constraints, but working in German, as well as having difficulty identifying all of my shortcut keys. The pressures reminded me of the last hours before a pinup/critique that I was not ready for. Exhilarating but exhausting. I've always seemed to hold together well during pressure, however it always takes a lot out of me.

The last met criteria was the most appealing to me, showing me how having separation from work and life creates a more effective environment to complete work. As a freelancer, my work space is about one meter away from my bed, eliminating all hope for a separate space. This is my biggest downfall and my best catalyst for my recent success. As I continue on this journey, I will continue to adapt into the most comfortable work environment where I can maximize my time spent. This experience alone speaks loud and clear, FIND A STUDIO!

Stay tuned World.