Computational methods / by Stephen Bontly

The power of parametric computation in today's design world is unmatched. Linking the power of Grasshopper, a visual programming language used in cooperation with Rhinoceros, to a sensor system, powered by Arduino, unlocks many static boundaries within digital art, installations, architecture, animations and any other field that uses math as a basis for development.

The fast real time response system begins to work in conjunction with the maker to create unlimited possibilities within coding, digital fabrication, interactive design,  even animation sequences that can be further processed into 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. Giving the world a chance add input into the man-made physical environment will be the next steps in smart design. 

Below I have placed pictures, coding, and hardware layout for a basic iteration grasping the potential for analog inputs in spatial design. This is just the beginning to process the could be to come. Time to create. 

Stay tuned World.