Data from the Stars / by Stephen Bontly

I watched a very promising TED talk (here) this morning, and I cannot help but post about it. The talk was on the potential of real-time data collection from the stars. By using focused sensors and tasks, in this case a camera used to photograph our planet, we can drastically cut the size, cost, and production of our satellites used today. Not only does this start-up based in Silicon Valley want to change the world, but they want to make it opensource!

Of course many company's use their satellites to complete multiple tasks, keeping their data internalized, which supports and idea that evolves around capitalism and consumerism. Collecting essential information for the betterment of society can prove to bring difficulties to our socioeconomic structure, but the power of a network cannot be ignored. 

On a sustainable note, the promises this technology can deliver are too positive to be overlooked. Our future as humans depends on how we interact with our environment now, not in the future. The age of predicting the outcome based on history is slowly diminishing in to real-time prevention.

On a creative note, the internet of things will be taken to a whole new level. by accessing data through micro controller technology, products such as Arduino will be enhanced, giving new possibilities to data interpretation within  art installations, set design, and interactive design. Data art, always an interest of mine, can only be as powerful as the translation done by its artist. Imagine what the world would have to say. I, for one, cannot wait to write that dialogue.

Stay tuned World.